Whether you are buying or selling cattle, Jordan Cattle Auction can help meet your needs. Through our country cattle service, we can market calves, yearlings, replacement females and bulls.

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  35 Angus Cows - Lot 41 SOLD  
  35 Angus cows that will be coming up with their 2nd calf this fall.  All one-raising. (Lot 41)  
  6 Solid Black Corriente Bulls - Lot 39  

6 Solid black Corriente bulls current on trich and fertility tests.  These will breed a lot of heifers.  Call Bart. (Lot 39)

  25 Angus and Angus Hereford Cross Heifers - Lot 38  

25 Angus and Angus Hereford Cross heifers bred to calve this fall to solid black Longhorn bulls.  Female are choice and gentle.  Call Bart. (Lot 38)

  1 Young Maine/Brangus Bull - Lot 37  

1 Young Maine/Brangus bull that will be ready for service this spring.  He is big boned and stout, and will add pounds to your calf crop. Call Bart. (Lot 37)

  2 Young Gray Brahman Bulls - Lot 36  

2 Young gray Brahman bulls that will be ready to use this spring.  Bulls go back to Hudgins and V8 bloodlines and will make great sires for any F1 program. Call Bart. (Lot 36)

  2 Stout Registered Polled Hereford Bulls - Lot 35  

2 Stout registered Polled Hereford bulls born in February and March of 2013.  These young herd sires and fertility tested and are virgins.  They are gentle and have a lot of quality. Call Bart. (Lot 35)

  40 Angus and Angus Plus Cows - Lot 34  

40 Angus and Angus Plus cows that will calve late winter into early spring.  This set of quality females are 3-5 years old and will weigh 1250 pounds.  Cows have excellent udders and are easy fleshing.  They are located in Alabama. Call Bart. (Lot 34)

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  1 Fancy Registered Brangus Bull - Lot 32  

1 Fancy registered Brangus bull that was born February 2012.  This son of OnStar is moderate in frame and has a low birthweight.  Bull has all the genetics and phenotype you could want and could work to raise American show steers.  He is good! Call Bart (Lot 32)

  500 Exceptional One-Raising set of Heifers - Lot 31  

500 Exceptional one-raising set of heifers raised on the Gibson Ranch.  These fancy females are out of Gardiner bloodlines on top & bottom and are bred to Schuman Ranch low birthweight Angus bulls.  Bulls were turned in on February 15 and heifers should start calving the end of November.  Heifers are all ocv, and carry one ranch brand.  They will weigh 900 pounds and should weigh 1100 at calving.  They can be pastured until October 1 at no charge.  These are a rare find combined with genetics and quality.  Call Bart (Lot 31)

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  12 Angus Heifers - Lot 28  

12 Angus heifers bred to a low birthweight Angus bull to start calving this fall.  Females weigh 900+ pounds and are extremely gentle.  Call Bart (Lot 28)

  31 Choice Brangus Heifers - Lot 27  

31 Choice Brangus heifers bred to calve this fall to low birthweight Angus bulls.  Heifers are all ocv, and are all one-raising.  Nice set of females that are true Brangus. Call Bart (Lot 27)

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  53 Angus and Angus/Hereford Cross Cows - Lot 25  

53 Angus and Angus/Hereford Cross cows bred to start calving late August to registered Angus bulls.  Cows are 6-7 years old and will cross the scales at 1350 pounds and consistently wean 700+ pound calves.  They are big and good. Call Bart. (Lot 25)

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