Whether you are buying or selling cattle, Jordan Cattle Auction can help meet your needs. Through our country cattle service, we can market calves, yearlings, replacement females and bulls.

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  40 Angus cows (Lot C249)  

40 Angus cows that are Northern genetics and will be selling long bred, primarily to Hereford bulls and cleaned up with Angus bulls.  Cows with calve for a 75 day calving period with a few calves already on the ground.  Cows are 5 to 6 years old and are proven calf raisers.  Cows are very gentle and will come to feed.  Call Jody.  (Lot C249)

  3000 Angus and Angus Plus pair (Lot C248)  

3000 First calf Angus  and Angus Plus pair with AI sired Angus calves at side.  Cows have been running back with Angus bulls since December 1st.  Call Bart.  (Lot C248)

  40 Blk & BWF cows (Lot C247)  

40 Blk & BWF cows, 3-5 year old, bred to start calving the middle of January through March to Angus and Maine Angus bulls.  Cows are in great shape.  Call Bart.  (Lot C247)

  1000 Angus & BWF cows (Lot C246)  

1000 Angus & BWF cows, bred to start calving the middle of August to Angus and Maine Angus bulls.  These cows are 95% 3-4 year olds with 5% being 5.  Cows will sell with a guaranteed pregnancy and a delivery date by the end of March.  These are good & young.  Call Bart.  (Lot C246)

  41Angus & BMF heifers (Lot C245)  

41 Angus & BMF cows, 3-6 years old, bred to start calving March 1 for 50 days.  Cows are bred to Griswold Angus bulls.  Call Bart.  (Lot C245)

  41Angus heifers (Lot C244)  

41 Big and stout Angus heifers bred to start calving March 1 for 50 days to ½ Wagyu ½ Angus bulls.  These are nice.  Call Bart.  (Lot C244)

  30 Angus plus pair (Lot C243)  

30 Young Angus plus pair with Angus sired calves at side.  Cows are open for bull of your choice.  Call Bart.  (Lot C243)

  45 Choice Hereford heifers (Lot C240)  

45 Choice Hereford heifers AI bred to Churchills Sensation 028X.  These females were AI’d on May 15th and will start calving the middle of February.  These are nice and one ranch raising.  Females weigh 1050lbs. Call Bart. (Lot C240)


13 Angus cows (Lot C239)


13 Coming 3 year old Angus cows due to calve March and April to Reg Angus bulls.  These are young and good. Call Bart. (Lot C239)


13 -  ½ Angus ½ Correinte and ½ Angus ½ Charolais heifers   (Lot C238)


13 -  ½ Angus ½ Correinte and ½ Angus ½ Charolais heifers bred to calve this spring to Wagyu bulls.  Heifers are cake broke and current on vaccinations.  These are young and good. Call Bart. (Lot C238)

  17 Red Angus heifers (Lot C225)  

17 Red Angus heifers bred to LBW Red Angus bulls and will start calving in January.  This is a choice set of females that are two calf crops, 90% came out of Kansas.  These are good and gentle.   Call Bart. (Lot C225)

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  67 Angus plus heifers (Lot C216)  

67 Angus plus heifers bred to ¾ Angus ¼ Corriente bull and will calve this fall. Call Bart.  (Lot C216)

  5 Registered Hereford bulls (Lot B52)  

5 Registered Hereford bulls, 4 polled and 1 scurred. 3 are sired by Colyer Stockman, reserve champion horned bull in Denver 2012; 1 sired by NJW Hometown 10Y, Supreme Champion Polled and Horned bull in Denver 2014 and 1 sired by CRR About Time who has produced many champions and consistent high sellers.  The mother of the Stockman and Hometown bulls is a sister to SHF Wonder and he is the sire of Hometown 10Y.   All of these bulls excel in body depth and dimension and will add pounds to their calves. Bulls will be 2 yrs old in March and April 2017 and have been tested free of trich and fertility tested. Call Jody.  (Lot B52)


1 Charolais Cross bull  (Lot B50)


1 Charolais Cross bull sired by Troubadore.  This 20 month old virgin bull is stout and big boned.  Will work for club calves.  Call Bart.  (Lot B50)


3 Registered Horned Hereford bulls (Lot B47)


3 Registered Horned Hereford bulls. 3 years of age.  These long aged virgin bulls are out of Holden genetics. Call Bart.   (Lot B47)


2 Angus bulls  (Lot B45)


2 Angus bulls, 20 months old.  These young herd sires are ready to be turned out.  Call Bart.  (Lot B45)

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