Whether you are buying or selling cattle, Jordan Cattle Auction can help meet your needs. Through our country cattle service, we can market calves, yearlings, replacement females and bulls.

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  200 Fancy Angus & BWF cows- Lot C169  

200 Fancy 3-5 year old fall calving Angus & BWF cows, bred to Angus & Charolais bulls.  Cows are in great shape.  Call Bart. (Lot C169)

  120 Choice 3-5 year old black and BWF pair- Lot C168  

120 Choice 3-5 year old black and BWF pair all one ranch.  Cows are running back with Angus bulls.  Call Bart. (Lot C168)

  71 First Calf Angus Pair- Lot C167  

75 First Calf Angus Pair running back with Angus bulls.  Cows have spring calvesand could be 3 in 1’s. Selling as exposed.  Call Bart. (Lot C167)

  45 Outstanding open Club calf females - Lot C166  

45 Outstanding open Club calf females born the fall of 2014.  There females are sired by Solid Gold, Walks Alone, Lovin The Business, No Spin Zone, Deadliest Catch, Man Among Boys, Smokin Bob Pump Daddy, Heat Wave, Wise Guy, Starburst, and Free For All.  There are are out of an outstanding set of females purchased off the Hoo Doo Ranch in Cody, WY and females purchased from Collins Cattle in Fredrick, OK.  Heifers are all OCV and will be ready to breed this fall.  These are fancy!  Call Bart. (Lot C166)

  71 Angus and Angus plus heifers - Lot C165  

71 Angus and Angus plus heifers bred to ½ Wagyu ½ Red Angus bulls to start calving September 15th for 90 days. This is a nice set of females that will make a productive set of cows. Coming to July 30th sale. Call Bart.  (Lot C165)

  12 Red and RWF English bred heifers - Lot C164  

12 Choice Red and RWF English bred heifers. Bred to ½ Wagyu ½ Red Angus bulls to start calving September 15th for 90 days.  These are big, stout, and the cow making kind.  Call Bart.  (Lot C164)

  SOLD 16 Super Baldies - Lot C163  

16 Oneraising Super Baldies bred to ½ Wagyu ½ Red Angus bulls.  This set of fancy females are bred to start calving September 15th for 90 days.  They don’t get any better.  Call Bart.  (Lot C163)

  SOLD 31 Choice Brangus heifers - Lot C162  

31 Choice Brangus heifers all one raising.  Due to start calving September 15th for 90 days to ½ Wagyu ½ Red Angus bulls. A great set of females that are extremely uniform.  Call Bart.  (Lot C162)

  SOLD 54 Exposed Brangus and Brangus Baldy heifers - Lot C154  

54 Exposed Brangus and Brangus Baldy heifers, bred to low birth weight red Angus bulls.  Call Bart.  (Lot C154)

  15 Brangus heifers - Lot C150  

15 Fancy Brangus heifers that will calve this fall out of Corriente bulls.  Heifers are a one raising set and will average 1200 pounds.  You won’t find a better set of big and gentle heifers that will fit any herd.  Call Jody.  (Lot C150)

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  3500 Black and BWF English heifers - Lot C149  

3500 Choice open black and BWF English heifers weighing 800 pounds.  These females have all been pregnancy tested as open and sound tracts, pelvic measured and OCV’ed.  These heifers are all double tagged and are located in Monticello, KY.  These will be a good set. Will sell with October 1st delivery. Call Bart.  (Lot C149)

  30 1st calf Angus plus pairs - Lot C145  

30 Big and fancy 1st calf Angus plus pairs with calves at side that will weigh 150 to 300 pounds.  Heifers will average 1200 pounds and are exposed back to Maine\Angus bulls.  Heifers are very gentle and are the calf raising kind.  Call Jody. (Lot C145)

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  SOLD 87 First calf Angus pair - Lot C144  

87 First calf Angus pair weighing 1145.  Cows started calving March 1st  and will be calved out the middle of April.  Heifers will be available for delivery April 15th.  All of these females have been vaccinated with both rounds of scour guard.  Call Bart. (Lot C144)

  100 1st Calf Angus Pair - Lot C111  

100 Choice 1st calf Angus pair with Angus sired calves at side. Calves are within a 15 day window and cows are in great shape to breed back this spring. Don't miss these, young pairs are hard to find. Call Bart. (Lot C111)

  120 Angus Cows - Lot C99  
  120 3-5 year old Angus cows bred to Angus and Maine/Angus bulls. Cows should start calving in March. These females will be moderate framed and they are good.  Call Bart. (Lot C99)  

1 Maine Angus bull - (Lot B22)


1 Maine Angus bull, 16 months old.Call Bart. (Lot B22)


1 Jersey bull - (Lot B21)


1 Jersey bull, 1 years old.Call Bart. (Lot B21)


1 Brangus bull - (Lot B20)


1 Brangus bull, 4 years old.Call Bart. (Lot B20)


2 Brangus bull - (Lot B19)


2 Brangus bull, 18-20 months old.Call Bart. (Lot B19)


3 Corriente bulls - (Lot B18)


3 Corriente bulls, 18-24 months old.Call Bart. (Lot B18)

  2 Maine Angus bull - (Lot B17)  
  2 Maine Angus bull, 2 years old.Call Bart. (Lot B17)  

2 Angus bull - (Lot B16)


2 Angus bull, 15-16 months old.Call Bart. (Lot B16)

  SOLD 1 Virgin Main bull - Lot B15  

1 Virgin Main bull, 16 months of age. Call Bart. (Lot B15)

  2 Charolais bulls - Lot B14  

2 Charolais bulls, 16-18 months old. Call Bart. (Lot B14)

  1 Maine Angus bull - Lot B13  

1 Maine Angus bull, 16 months old. Call Bart. (Lot B13)

  1 Polled Hereford bull - Lot B12  
  1 Polled Hereford bull, 20 months old. Call Bart. (Lot B12)  
  1 Red Angus bull - Lot B10  
  1 Red Angus bull 18 months of age.  Call Bart. (Lot B10)  
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